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A pet urine spot on the carpet not only affects the carpet fibers, but also the carpet backing and the flooring underneath the carpet. Pets have a tendency to continually urinate in the same area. Urine can be absorbed into wood and even cement flooring, let’s not forget the wood in the carpeting tack strips, and wood framework.

While urine dries and the liquid evaporates, the urine crystals concentrate and become pungent. Just a simple, quick cleaning will not eliminate this odor.

Pet urine in carpet is a real big problem that requires a call to Organic Steam Clean, the leader in San Diego & Orange County pet odor removal. We provide fast and effective services with quality results. Enjoy a fresh and clean smelling home again!

We can remove cat odor, puppy odor, kitty odor, dog odor, from any type of flooring and carpet with our odor removal treatment and clean up process.



Organic Steam Clean uses the latest in science and technology for strong pet odors. The products we use are professional commercial grade deodorizers and high breed enzymes not available in stores. Organic STeam Clean has an 13-Step process:

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. High breed enzyme the top of the carpet and back
  3. Replace the pad
  4. Seal the floor
  5. Hot water extracts the back of the carpet
  6. High breed enzyme back of carpet
  7. Re-install carpet according to CRI section 104 & 105
  8. Hot water extract the top of the carpet at 240 degrees
  9. High breed enzyme top of carpet and commercial grade deodorizer
  10. Urine stain remover
  11. Final groom
  12. Quick Dry using commercial air movers
  13. walk through



In dog training terms ‘Scent marking’ is where a dog ‘marks’ his or her territory with urine. Technically this is not actually a house training problem, since it’s based on the dog training issues of dominance and territoriality rather than insufficient house training. A dog can be perfectly house trained but still feel the need to mark inside the house.

However, because since the problem centers around the unwanted presence of urine in the house – it seems logical, in a way, to link this problem with house training. Since this is one of the most widespread problems among dog owners, we as dog training professionals thought it worthwhile to include some practical advice.


What is it a ‘submissive urinator’?

A ‘submissive urinator’, in dog training terms, is a dog that urinates on the floor and himself (and sometimes on you or any guests you may have!) in situations of extreme excitement or stress, like when you return home at the end of the work day or when the dog is being told off for some bad behavior.

Why does this happen?

Puppies are the most usual candidates for submissive/excited urination, but it is also not uncommon to see this behavior in adult dogs as well. Usually, these are highly sensitive and timid dogs, and/or ones from a shelter/with a history of abuse (often these last two go hand-in-hand and one of most common things we see as dog training  professionals.)



The puppy is new and oh so cute. You cuddle with it every day and love to chase it around the yard or play tug of war with the stuffed animal that, in a year will probably be missing most of its limbs. However, all is not fun and games in the house with the new puppy. Now comes the hard part, house training the dog.

As the new puppy does one of two things to relieve him/herself in the middle of your new white carpet you find yourself wondering why it is so difficult for the dog to understand that you do not go in the house. You think to yourself why would anyone, animals included, go to the bathroom where they live? Would they not want it as far away as possible? You think your puppy must just be thickheaded, anyone with a dog has looked at their animal at this stage and said ‘you stupid dog’. However, then you remember that for a couple years after you were born you not only went to the bathroom where you live but actually in your pants and you feel slightly bad for being so frustrated with your dog’s seeming lack of intelligence.


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combinación de microorganismos y surfactantes seleccionados de su medio
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contiene unas poderosas bacterias y enzimas que biodegradan las grasas, sangre y manchas orgánicas en sus alfombras y tapicerías. Este producto limpia y remueve completamente las áreas manchadas.  limpiador de alfombras y tapicerías muy eficiente cuando se usa con un limpiador de vapor para manchas de alfombras.

Esta combinación de microorganismos y surfactantes seleccionados de su medio ambiente natural han sido desarrollados y adaptados para un óptimo rendimiento en la biodegradación de grasas, sangre y aceite y otros depósitos de material orgánico. El mejor efecto para la limpieza de alfombras,  limpieza de alfombras in san diego, limpieza de alfombras organicos, contiene una fórmula especial de microorganismos seleccionados y adaptados para un alto rendimiento, los microorganismos están desarrollados para la limpieza y degradación de manchas de sangre y materia orgánica en alfombras y tapicería. Los micro organismos, Organic steam Clean contienen surfactantes, despertantes y penetrantes que ayudan a romper la tención superficial para ablandar y licuar la grasa en los depósitos pesados ayudando a su biodegradación. Es el mejor producto para la limpieza de alfombras y tapicerías.el mejor producto para la eliminación de olores, está especialmente formulado y embasado para una aplicación directa y sencilla en áreas que emiten malos olores, dejando una fragancia limpia y fresca. Organic Steam Clean contiene una fórmula especial de microorganismos seleccionados y adaptados para un alto rendimiento, los microorganismos están desarrollados para la limpieza y degradación de manchas de sangre y materia orgánica en alfombras y tapicería. Los microorganismos, BIOBUGS CS contienen surfactantes, despertantes y penetrantes que ayudan a romper la tención superficial para ablandar y licuar la grasa en los depósitos pesados ayudando a su biodegradación, Organico limpieza de alforbras y trapicerias
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